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RedCup Outfitters aims to offer both its B2C and B2B clients the top of the trends in US fashion. Our concept is based on offering products characterized by a unique sense of exclusiveness within the clothing business.

As a retailer, you also have the opportunity in participating to this concept. We clearly offer products with a strong marketing appeal that will help you to differentiate from the offer of other sales points. Typically; our brands carry that special taste of US fashion exclusivity mixed with energy and fun. If you recognize the definition of your end customers in the afore words, than RedCup Outfitters’ portfolio of brands might help you to diversify your offer.

Moreover, you will also benefit from the marketing efforts RedCup Outfitters makes in order to push its brands forward and build brand awareness towards potential consumers. Amongst its marketing tools, RedCup Outfitters owns an ecommerce website. The aim of this web commerce is clearly not to compete with our B2B clients. We clearly use it as a mean to build brand awareness towards the public (marketing sheets describing the brands, Hollywood stars wearing the brands, pictures of the different styles…). As the brands are not settled within Europe, our B2C website gathers all of them within the same wrap and enables RedCup Outfitters to market them at once instead of separately.

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